Better Interactivity for Live Streaming

IRLchat gives Livestreamers on LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube:

A 2nd screen mobile webpage for polls, chat & emojis, which air on-stream

A simple way to acquire viewer email addresses for follow-up


Twitter integration. Group chat. Emojis. Games. Polls. All of it in real-time, to engage your audience & capture their email address.

IRLchat uses an innovative cloud overlay back-end. It makes cloud graphics possible for Chat, Tickers, Images, Text, Animated Gifs & Charts

& Feedback

Videoboards & Jumbotrons

Polls, Games & Interactivities

Get feedback or suggestions in real-time. Quasi-anonymous. No app download! Better than SMS,1-800#s.

Send messages, emojis and gifs to the videoboard! Uber-ize your Sponsor activations via LCD L-bars, ribbonboards, 
& social media livestreams.

IRLchat brings simple, low-cost interactivities, polls & games to ANY screen. Fantastic opportunities for gamification & monetization.

"IRLchat makes Livestreaming on Social Media more engaging for viewers and more valuable for streamers. It takes viewers off-platform to collect email and host interactivity but the results from polls and chat are broadcast on stream in real-time.
Video technologist, product marketer, writer, analyst

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Increase Concurrent Viewership - Acquire Audience Emails

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